Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber Peeling Care Exfoliating Scrub D
Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber Peeling Care Exfoliating Scrub D
Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber Peeling Care Exfoliating Scrub D
Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber Peeling Care Exfoliating Scrub D

Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber Peeling Care Exfoliating Scrub D


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Ionic-Photon-Ultrasonic Beauty Skin Care Smooth Wrinkles Improve Skin Whitening Dilute Spot Machine
Model: W-304

1.Deep clean the skin
2.Replenishment ,smooth wrinkles
3.Compact,improve skin
4.Elimination of facial swelling,Reduce the double chin,shape the face shape
5.Dilute the spot,even in color,whitening
6.Eliminate darkcircles,eye bags

1.Adaptor input power:AC 100-240v
2.Adaptor output power:15V, 400mA
5.Ultrasonic frequency:3M Hz ±5%

How To Use
A.Daily Caring.
Firstl :Deep cleaning skin procedure:
1.Thoroughly remove make-up and impirities first,
2.Apply appropriate portion cleaning cream on your face and detector surface,
3.Select ultrasonic plus ion?function ,press intensity to your comfortable,
4.Along indicated route ffrom jaw to the root of your ears ans with 5 second time,other place like this indication,
5.Clean face with water and clean machine,
Second,induct nutrient and shape face shape
1.Apply appropriate portion essence on your face and detector surface.
2.Select ultrasonic plus ion- function ,press intensity to your confortable,
3.Along indicate route from jaw to the root of your ears and with 5 secong time,other place like this indication.
Third: photon caring
select red light,nursing face,especially wrinkle area,every 5 seconds will have a "bi" sound ,remind you to move detector every 5 seconds, recommended photo caring time is 10-20 mins
B.Dilute the spot,even skin color,whitening(one time every two days)
First:Deep cleaning skin same to Daily caring first,
Second: Select ION- fjunction
1.induct -in concentrate on spot area,
Apply appropriate portion essence,such as Vc,on your face and detector surface,Detector stay 20-30 seconds in one positon then move to next positon
C. Acne caring (one time everynight)
First:clean skin
1.Select ultrasonic function and comfortable intensity,clean skin according to next route,
2.Clean face with water and clean machine
Second:Lymphatic detoxing
1.Select ultrasonic function ans comfortable intensity,perform L ymphatic detoxing according to next route,
2.Massage around acne
3.Use blue light to care acne arean 15-20 mins
4.Use red and blue pulse light to care 10 mins.
D.Sentitive skin(one time two days or one week)
1.Select ultrasonic function and comfortable intensity,procedure same as daily caring,
2.Use red and blue pulse light to care skin
3.with replenishment mask to do normal treatment after caring,

1.To ensure thant this machine functions well,you can drop a tiny amount of water on the ultrasonic wave generator surrace to see the water bobs,if the water bobs,it means that this machine is under normal function
2.This machine should be used under normal conditions,remember to turn off the power and unplug the cable when you stop caring skin,This will avoid over-heating problem caused by the air vibration and to prevent any possible burning of shortening product life cycle.
3.Do not use the machine without putting any skin care produc on you skin-this will cause wave seriously reflecton and result in discomfort or burning of your skin ,gelatinous skin care product is recommended,
4. Avoid using this machine in one area for too long,move it around on your skin to avoid focusing effect caused by the wave energy,this effect may result in discomfort or burning of your skin
5.When you are using this machine ,always adhering the ultrasonic wave generator completely to your skin,an incomplete contact will cause a big difference of impedance and disperse energy on the interface,this will also cause an over-heating provlem and result n a discomfort or burning of your skin.
6.When you finish using the machine ,wipe off the medium left on the ultrasonic wave generatour ,a soft cloth is recommended to prevent any possible scratch.
7.Do not use water and any other chemical,cleanser or washing-up liquid to clean this product ,this will cause a malfuncction or shortened product life cycle

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