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These Are Our 8 Favorite Fitness Trackers of 2023

We like to consider ourselves relatively healthy individuals, but we can admit that sometimes, a little help is appreciated. It can be tough to stick to our goals, and we’re fans of anything that will keep us accountable. Yes, you can schedule your workout into your calendar like a meeting or prep meals in advance, but if you sleep in or a pizza craving hits, well, then, forget about it.


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That’s why we love fitness and wellness trackers. They’re little accountability coaches we wear on our wrists to keep us motivated and focused on working toward our goals 24/7. They give us guidance on everything from how many steps we’re taking to how well we’re sleeping through the night. With these on our arms, all those achievements seem that much more attainable. Right now, fitness trackers are more high tech than ever, and it’s so much fun to see all the cool new features they’re coming out with, so we rounded up our nine favorite fitness trackers on the market right now. Whether you want an Apple Watch that does everything from program your workout to providing the music you can listen to while you’re moving, or an Oura Ring that’s sleek and minimal, there’s something you’ll love in this list. Happy shopping!

Best Fitness Tracker Ring: Oura Ring

If you’re not thrilled about the idea of wearing a band around your wrist, the Oura Ring ($299-$549) is for you. It’s beloved by athletes like Lindsay Vonn and Katie Ledecky because it’s accurate and so easy to wear. It can have up to seven days of battery life before it needs a charge, and has everything from heart rate monitoring and step calculation to sleep data and cycle tracking. It’s also an editor favorite, and you can read our review of the Oura Ring.

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Best Fitness Tracker For Athletes: Garmin Forerunner 745

If you’re competing in triathlons, running a marathon, or doing something incredibly athletic, you’re going to like this Garmin Forerunner 745 ($420, originally $500). It’s the wearable of choice for people who are always in motion, and uses multiple satellites to track your movement. It also can give you suggested workouts based on your movement patterns.

Best Affordable Fitness Tracker: Amazon Halo View Fitness Tracker

Amazon’s top pick? Unsurprisingly, it’s the Amazon Halo View Fitness Tracker ($50, originally $80), which has sleep monitoring technology, so you can focus on total wellness. It also can track your steps and activity, monitor your heart rate, and even track your blood oxygen levels.


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Best Minimal Fitness Tracker: Whoop 4.0 Health and Fitness Tracker

This Whoop 4.0 Health and Fitness Tracker ($300) is one of the only trackers on the market that doesn’t have a screen, but don’t mistake it for being low-tech. On the contrary, it’s one of the most advanced wearables on the market, and helps you understand your activity, sleep, recovery, menstrual cycle, and more.

Best Universal Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

This Fitbit Versa Smart Watch ($130) is the fitness tracker everyone’s been obsessing over in 2023. Link it up to your smartphone to play your favorite music, check your texts, and track your heart rate. Plus, it looks so sleek!

Best Fitness Tracker For All Levels: Fitbit Charge 5 Wireless Activity & Heart Rate Tracker

Get competitive with your friends and family. The Fitbit Charge 5 Wireless Activity & Heart Rate Tracker ($130, originally $150) allows you to access the Fitbit leader board, so you can see who’s the most active and be inspired to increase your daily steps.

Best Fitness Tracker SmartWatch: Garmin Vivoactive 4

This Garmin Vivoactive 4 ($191, originally $330) is the high-tech watch you’re looking for if you’re a serious athlete, or just looking to up your fitness game. It tracks your heart rate, has a GPS function, and you can even get animated workouts right on your watch screen.

Best All Around Fitness Tracker: Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Nike ($399) is a sporty version of the classic Apple Watch. If you’re looking for a true all-in-one device, this is it. It tracks your steps, is water resistant, and syncs with your Apple devices.

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