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10 Fresh Ways To Wear Pink Makeup For Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we want to find the perfect gift. We also want a stunning beauty look. Whether you’re going out somewhere fancy or you’re chilling at home, you want something that’s romantic and that will hopefully last through any V-Day makeout sessions. A red lipstick might be your go-to Valentine’s Day look, but we cannot forget about pink. Pink is just as much of a signature as red. Plus, there are so many ways to wear it. Instead of wearing it on your lips, you can wear it on your eyes for a unique Valentine’s Day beauty look. Bonus: The color on your eyes is a lot more likely to last than the color on your lips. Hint, hint.

Check out 14 gorgeous ways to wear pink makeup for Valentine’s Day:

1. Pink Eyeshadow and Cat Eye


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Take your black liquid eyeliner to the next level by drawing it on over a hot pink eyeshadow base.

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2. Pink Shadow with Gold Sparkle


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A wash of pink eyeshadow gets even better thanks to some sparkly gold shadow on the inner corners of the eyes.

3. Pink and Brown Eyeshadow


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Are you having trouble putting down your beloved brown shadow? Try mixing a deeper pink one with your brown. It’s a great look if you’re hesitant about wearing only pink makeup.

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4. Light Liquid Eyeliner and Dark Pink Shadow


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Try reversing things by using a lighter pink for your liquid eyeliner and a darker shadow for your base.

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5. Pink Liner with White Heart


A photo posted by Shelby Riggs (@shelbyriggsbeauty) on

If you’re going to have a proper Valentine’s Day makeup look, you cannot forget a heart. The white heart adds some freshness to the pale pink eyeliner.

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6. Bold Pink Eyeshadow and Coordinating Lips


A photo posted by Lucia 🌸🦄 (@rosesandunicorns) on

You can never go wrong with a monochromatic makeup look and that includes a pink one. Match your lips and eyes for a harmonious finish.


7. Pink Glitter Tears

Glitter tears are the only kind of tears that you want to have for Valentine’s Day. These ones have a subtle effect that you notice when the light hits them correctly.

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8. Silver Glitter and Pink Shadow


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It might be more about the silver than the pink here, but without the pink base, this silver glitter wouldn’t have the same effect that it does.

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9. Soft Pink Cut Crease


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Cut crease fans will love this subtle look. It’s proof you don’t need to choose a super bright pink eyeshadow.

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10. Pink Inner Corners


A photo posted by M E G ❄️ (@unique.meg) on

Looking for something understated? Try a hint of pink eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes. It’s a small detail, but it will make a huge difference.


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