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How to set up makeup lighting?

Have you ever done good makeup in the morning and found yourself in the bathroom mirror beautiful? When I opened the camera outside, I found out what was happening. After all, it’s all lights. Let ’s take a closer look today. Under natural light, if your activity is mostly concentrated on objects today, that is, the light in which it is located is “natural light”-sunlight. In the case of chestnuts on a sunny day, the sunlight is usually more intense and straightforward. Such light is directly transmitted to make any imperfections become obvious.

So how to set up makeup lighting?

Knowledge of lighting

First of all, you need to know the basic term about light: color temperature. The color temperature (colo (u) r temperature) is a scale representing the light color of the light source, and the unit is K (Kelvin).

In fact, anyone who has experience in buying lamps will notice that the temperature of the light source is marked on the packaging. Do not underestimate this data, this will be a sign of warm and cold light.

The color temperature of some commonly used light sources is: 1930K candlelight, 2760-2900K tungsten lamp, 3000K fluorescent lamp, 3200K photographic lamp, 5400K-5800K sunny sky, 6800K cloudy daylight.

What lighting to set?

So how to make the makeup effect in front of the makeup mirror consistent with the effect in the real environment? In fact, it is very simple, just one sentence: avoid the deviation of color temperature by combining cold and warm light sources.

According to previous experience, another girl asked, “Where to buy it?”

Some private makeup lamp installation tips:

1 You can buy IKEA’s mirror front lights for makeup lamps(Lohasled e26 bulbs makeup light). There are two models. One of them is a light source. Don’t buy it. The light is too yellow. Be sure to buy the Mosik wall lamp without a light source. It is recommended to buy two, one on each side of the mirror.

2Buy a number of warm and cold colored bulbs, and buy leds for environmental protection.

3 When buying a bulb, pay special attention to whether the screw type of the bulb is E27 or E14. Be sure to purchase a bulb that matches the lighting interface.

4 Ask the electrician to install the makeup lamp, pay attention to the cold-colored lamp on the top, and then cross-install the warm-colored bulb.

5 completed! Start enjoying comfortable beauty time.

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