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Don’t Needlessly Suffer From Chronic Pain

As a chronic pain sufferer myself, being diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back, along with bone disc degenerative disease, I have learned a lot about how chronic pain is treated, or I should say undertreated. It’s a sad fact for a variety of reasons, that chronic pain ...

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Why aren’t there more Black women in clinical trials? Experts explain.

Despite representing 50% of the U.S. population, women are generally underrepresented in clinical trials. For example, women represent 38.2% of participants in cardiovascular clinical trials. When you intersect race with gender, that representation is even less. Many studies have uncovered an uncomfortable truth: Black women are often not asked to participate in clinical trials ...

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These Are Our 8 Favorite Fitness Trackers of 2023

We like to consider ourselves relatively healthy individuals, but we can admit that sometimes, a little help is appreciated. It can be tough to stick to our goals, and we’re fans of anything that will keep us accountable. Yes, you can schedule your workout into your calendar like a meeting ...

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Best Halloween songs for your party playlist

There’s so much to do before the spooky season begins, especially if you’re hosting a Halloween party. And while you still have some time to sort out your Halloween decorations and DIY costumes, it’s never too early to start building your party playlist with tons of classic, fun and downright scary Halloween songs. After all, ...

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20 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas That Don’t Require a Costume

It’s never too early to start practicing. As a Virgo moon and rising, I do not do well with “last-minute.” Yet every Halloween, my best friends will inevitably invite me to another day-of party or bar crawl, and I’m stuck scrambling for a Halloween costumethat’s slightly more fun than a ...

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Best Halloween Captions Idea For Every — and any — Situation

You’ve put up your Halloween decorations, crafted a clever costume and planned an epic party that everyone will be talking about until next year. But if you didn’t snap and share a few pictures, did it even happen? You know the answer to that question. That said, you need to have a few Halloween Instagram captions handy ...

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Halloween Costumes Classy Enough For a Work Party

There are plenty of ways to make any Halloween costume work appropriate, whether it’s by adding on some office-friendly layers or making an easy clothing swap, such as bike shorts for long pants. Depending on your inspiration (pop culture, cartoons, celebrities, etc.), start by considering your team’s dress code, and then take the styling ...

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ADHD 101: What is ADHD and What are the Common Signs?

ADHD is a common atypical neurodevelopmental condition that is characterized by impulsiveness, inattention, and/or hyperactivity. ADHD always result in behavioural challenges in school and social settings. The condition can cause serious patient life disruptions, severe impairment, and a sense of missed potential. Adolescents and adults with the problem of ADHD ...

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45 Best Things to Do on Halloween For Kids and Adults

Witches and warlocks, get ready to light a fire under those cauldrons because Halloween is a-brewing! As the spooky season nears, it’s time to start plotting your costumes, dusting off your Halloween decorations and planning all the fun things you can do on Halloween this year. With so many options to choose ...

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