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Baby emu plays chase with a dog

There’s nothing cuter than seeing aa dog happily playing chase but what if you added a baby emu to the mix?

Well that’s exactly what happened when this emu decided to take on the family dog and chase it around the living room.

“Ever wonder what a baby emu looks like while playing with a dog?,” a Reddit user captioned the above video, which already has over 900 comments in less than a day.

And it’s clear to see why people are so fascinated with the footage.

It’s not every day you see a baby emu in a house, let alone happily playing with the family pet.

In the video, the fiery emu tries to get the dog’s attention by hopping on it’s feet and excitedly looking in the canine’s direction.

When the dog makes it’s entrance into the living room, the emu seems overcome with excitement and even falls to the floor before getting up and sprinting after it’s four-legged friend.

“Oh hell thats funny,” one Reddit user commented underneath the video.

“Thank You! I laugh so damn hard every time I see this,” another said.

This video is guaranteed to make your day.

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