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How to take care of your colored contacts

There are guideline to taking care of your contact lenses. The easy routine includes cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting.

Wash your hands so that you don’t transfer bacteria to your eyes. Do not use soaps because they are not good for contact lenses. Dry hands with a paper towel so you don’t get lint on your hands.

Use solution specifically made for soft contact lenses.

It is important to remove any buildup, debris, make-up substances and other material that may be on the lens. Rub the contact lens in the palm of your hand with a few drops of solution.

Rinse the lens several times to remove any stubborn debris. Rinsing is very important.

Store the lens in the case. Never just add new solution to the old solution. Refill the lens case with fresh solution.
Repeat for the second lens. Do not use bottled water, tap water, distilled, fresh or salt water on your lens.

Immediately remove your lenses if your eyes become red, irritated or uncomfortable. Consult your eye care professional and follow the advice and/or directions given.

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