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A New Brand: The Weirdo Collection

Jahshawun Youmans Small town Guy from Sparta ,Georgia Created A Brand name The Weirdo Collection He Started his brand September 2018 in his dorm room he has Billboards up across his city and taking over With his brand his head Stylist that he met in college David Evans (Nino) that Also Has His Own Clothing Brand Immortal Worldwide
Jahdavinci Is Fashion Designer/Businessman That Work With many People
Jahdavinci Give Back To his Community and inspire kids to except their Flaws.Jahdavinci Has A Day and the Life Coming Out With this film Company Camino Visuals(Dallis Meminger A upcoming Costal Carolina Student That Works With Film & Designs.
Jahdavinci already Working On His New Collection in 2021
Instagram: Jahdavinci, TheWeirdocollection

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