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Lace vs. monofilament vs. poly: Different base materials explained

When it comes to human hair replacement systems, there are many different types such as men’s toupees, wigs, hair toppers and more. What they all have in common is that they use a certain base material or with each having their own unique pros and cons. The three main hair system base materials are lace, monofilament and poly and this blog post will explain them in particular.


 Lace is a common material used as the base for many hair systems. This particular material is known for being extremely natural looking which is why many prefer it, especially when it comes to achieving a natural looking front hairline. In addition, lace material is lightweight, soft and breathable. However, it’s not very durable compared to a mono base while it isn’t as easy to maintain as a poly skin base for example.

There are typically two types of lace bases which are the full lace and lace front bases. As the name implies, a full lace is a hair system that uses lace material throughout the base such as a full lace wig. A lace front base, meanwhile, only utilizes lace at the front for a natural hairline while the rest of the base makes use of different materials. Examples of this are men’s lace front wigs.


 The next base material we’re looking at is monofilament or mono for short. This is a material used in monofilament hair systems that are usually durable as well as providing breathability. When one is looking for the longest-lasting and most durable hair systems, they will usually go for a hair system that has some form of mono silk in the base construction as it is usually combined with poly on the sides.

The disadvantages of a mono hair system is that it is not natural looking compared to a full lace hair system or as easy to maintain as a full poly system. In addition, those looking for low hair density will need a different base material as mono bases typically have at least medium hair density to make up for its lack of a realistic and natural look.


 The final base material is the polyurethane or poly for short. Also known as poly skin, this material is known for being easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-remove. In addition, the super thin skin hair systems are particularly natural looking and comfortable to wear. This is partly because of how they are knotted with the v-loop knotting providing a realistic look. However, this comes at the cost of durability as the thinner the poly and more natural looking it is, the less durable the hair system will be with some lasting just a couple of weeks.

However, thicker skin poly is single knotted and particularly durable which is why it is usually combined with lace or mono to create a durable and long-lasting system.


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