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Tajia Smith is an experienced, passionate and self-made wig stylist and owner of Wig Lifestyle

one of Washington D.C’s finest. Tajia has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years and is renowned for her expertise in wig-making and flawless styling. Tajia fell in love with making wigs at the young age of 18 and since then has never turned back. It also goes without saying that Tajia specialises in being her own boss and a trendsetter. She produces wigs of exquisite quality and has the ability to not only create and design her own styles but also turn any client’s dream hairstyle into reality without any damage to their natural hair. Passion is something that has always driven Tajia to be the best at what she does at Wig Lifestyle. Her passion gives her the energy and motivation to focus on what excites her and has allowed her to turn her talent into a successful business. Aside from having unmatched passion, creativity and experience, Tajia is also very knowledgeable when it comes to the beauty industry, particularly when it comes to the wig game. One of Tajia’s specialities is understanding just how important of a role that wigs play in a woman’s life and the many benefits it comes with. She advocates the importance of a women protecting their natural hair while looking good at the same time and designs wigs that allow them to do just that.

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In the future, Tajia plans to open her own wig store with a beauty parlor to allow women to shop and receive spa treatment at Wig Lifestyle. She also plans on holding exclusive live workshops and masterclasses to teach women the art of her craft and how they too can become their own bosses. She recognises how essential it is to work in an environment with a productive atmosphere, positive thinking, growth opportunities and most importantly having the freedom to have a good work-life balance, which is something she has always had within her own business. Tajia deeply enjoys everything about the wig life. She finds fun in the challenges and always has creative ways to overcome them as well as always being happy to learn something new. Tajia is a prime example of a young, successful and driven black businesswoman who has turned her natural talent into a thriving and trendsetting company.


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