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Types of tension rollers

If you are a lady, who loves to take care of your hair, you might be constantly looking for products and techniques to keep those locks under control and make it look beautiful. Almost every girl has attempted to straighten their hair at some point of time in their lives. This can be done using many techniques, such as blow drying, flat iron or chemical treatments. What many women might not be aware is that hair straightening can also be done, using tension rollers or hair rollers. This might be the best option, since it’s completely natural and does not use any heat.
Tension rollers are safer to use and cause less damage to your hair. Hair rollers are perfect for all types, textures and lengths of hair. This is what makes this unique tool so versatile and popular among many. In fact, tension rollers are your go to option, if you want to save some time and protect your luscious locks from all the heat damage. Also, they are easier to pack and travel with and does not require any electricity. Below is a list of the most common tension rollers that you need to know, before you buy yourself some rollers:
1. Foam rollers
Foam rollers are the best, if you want to create curls of any size or shape you decide. The unique shape and material of the roller help create the perfect curls. A huge advantage is that you can use them on either wet or dry hair; so, it is not necessary to always shower, before you use them. Online users claim that you get perfect curls in less than two hours, with these wonderful foam curlers.

2. Water absorbing rollers
These rollers have two advantages: they style your hair and help dry it. This is because they are made of a special mix of sponge and velvet, which have quick absorbing properties. In addition, velcro straps present on them helps keeps your hair in place, thus eliminating the use of any bobby pins or clips! All you have to do is roll your hair into these rollers at night, before you sleep. You will wake up the next day with dry and perfectly curled hair!

3. Extra-soft foam rollers
We mentioned foam rollers being awesome, but nowadays ‘extra-soft foam rollers’ are available in the market, which is even more comfortable to use! They come in a variety of shapes, with clips present on them, to hold all your hair in place. Due to their extra soft feature, they are comfortable and can be worn in bed or even just to loiter around the house.

4. Silicone hair rollers
Silicone hair rollers are so versatile, as they allow you to create curls of any size or shape. Their light weight makes it easy to use and carry around, especially when travelling. Users usually describe these types of rollers as their most preferred one, since they are comfortable and easy to use.

Now that you know the different types of tension rollers, you can do your own research and invest in the type, which will be best suited to your hair.

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