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20 Hot Couples Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Sinfully Sexy

Halloween is notorious for bringing out the sexy in all of us, so why not let your significant other join in on the action? We’ve rounded up some of the most romantic (and maybe even a little raunchy) couples costumes out there. From sexy classics like mermaids and sailors to pop culture pairs like Danny ...

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Couples Halloween Costume: The Date Is Right

Celebrate your special day. What you need to do: Instead of dressing up as The Price Is Right, be more creative (and cute!) when you spin it to reflect your favorite date. If you and your SO are celebrating an anniversary or special day soon, you’ll both love this costume. Make cute ...

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Couples Halloween Costume: A Bear and Honey

What’s sweeter than this? What you need to do: Grab your honey because this costume is too cute! To be a bear, wear brown clothing with fuzzy ears, and add face paint to mimic a bear’s nose. To be the pot of honey, wear all yellow and tape a little honeycomb ...

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Couples Halloween Costume: Evil Clown Skeletons

For the couple that’s gravely funny. What you need to do: For this easy ‘fit, just wear matching black shirts with white or black pants, and then get ready for the makeup! Add clown details to your eyes and make a skeleton smile across the lower half of your face. You ...

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Couples Halloween Costume: Military Personnel

You can’t camouflage a love like this. What you need to do: Got camo clothes? Good. Wear all the camouflage clothes you can find and add camo makeup if you want to go all out. Even though you’re trying to blend in with your surroundings, people will still be able to ...

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