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Should You Apply Eye Makeup or Face Makeup First?

What is the correct order to apply makeup, or is there really a difference? —Brianna Marques Let the beauty debate commence—and I say debate because the answers couldn’t be more divided here. Personally, I’m a firm believer of applying face makeup (i.e. foundation) first before proceeding onto the eyes because ...

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5 Fun Spring Eye Makeup Trends You Need to Try

Growing up in a Dominican home in New York, Latina beauty was about vanity for the Frias sisters. For them, cosmetics have always been rooted in communal bonding and lessons about self-confidence. “Antes muerta que sencilla,” Shaira Frias, co-founder of Luna Magic Beauty, tells Refinery29 Somos, bringing back memories of me hearing my own Colombian mom tell ...

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7 Simple Eye Makeup Looks That Require Minimal Effort

Doing full-glam makeup isn’t easy or suited for all of us—especially those of us who don’t have the time or access to a professional makeup artist. So when you’re in the mood to try something new and spruce up your makeup, there are some simple eye makeup ideas that are ...

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How to Create a Mint Makeup Look That Screams Holiday Fun

We’re the first to swoon over a classic berry lip or shimmering smoky eye for winter, but we’re also always on the lookout for more unique holiday party-ready looks. Mint makeup is the perfect refresher; it’s playful, flattering and surprisingly easy to wear, especially if you follow this cool graphic eyeliner tutorial by makeup artist and ...

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