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20 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas That Don’t Require a Costume

It’s never too early to start practicing. As a Virgo moon and rising, I do not do well with “last-minute.” Yet every Halloween, my best friends will inevitably invite me to another day-of party or bar crawl, and I’m stuck scrambling for a Halloween costumethat’s slightly more fun than a ...

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5 super easy Halloween makeup looks

Don’t have the time or supplies for SFX make-up? We got you As much as we admire the MUA’s that spend hours creating mind-bending SFX Halloween make-up looks, we just haven’t got the time, skills or, let’s be honest, motivation to try and emulate them. If you’re going out this ...

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15 Fantastical Tim Burton Makeup Tutorials You Need For Halloween

From Edward Scissorhands’s exaggerated sad-eye makeup and his characteristic hand blades to Winona Ryder’s iconic spiked bangs and messy updo in “Beetlejuice,” Tim Burton’s timeless movies have been outstanding Halloween beauty inspiration for decades. His films’ magical, creepy, and endearing characters are synonymous with misunderstood yet well-meaning social outcasts — and all feature Burton’s signature ...

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Best Halloween Costume Looks With Colored Contacts

If you’re looking to take your Halloween costume to the next level, then colored contact lenses should be your new best friend. The accessories can take an ordinary costume and make it scarier, more authentic to your source material, or give you that extra edge to win the costume contest. Looking to be ...

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20 Chucky Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hidey-ho, these Chucky-inspired Halloween makeup looks will terrify ’90s babies and horror fans alike. Surely you remember the demonic doll from Child’s Play who took the promise of being your “friend till the end” extremely literally? Well, now a lot of people on Instagram are putting out killer makeup looks inspired by none other than Chucky ...

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The Most Viewed Halloween Makeup Tutorial of All Time

Halloween is officially upon us, which means you have exactly three weeks to nail down the best Halloween makeup look of your friend group. And if you’re not someone who has been planning their costume since July (it’s okay—I’m a procrastinator, too), then I’m guessing at some point in the next few ...

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