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20 Chucky Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hidey-ho, these Chucky-inspired Halloween makeup looks will terrify ’90s babies and horror fans alike. Surely you remember the demonic doll from Child’s Play who took the promise of being your “friend till the end” extremely literally? Well, now a lot of people on Instagram are putting out killer makeup looks inspired by none other than Chucky ...

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19 Cracked-Doll Looks Maybe You Can Try For Your Halloween Party

You can always go the sexy route for your Halloween costume, but why not really go for bold in the makeup department and get spooky? Doll yourself up like a cracked porcelain figurine and embrace a daring, borderline scary look with your makeup. The haunting costume is feminine yet ghoulish, and will definitely be ...

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10 Halloween Makeup Ideas With a Face Mask

There’s a fairly good chance we’ll still need to be wearing facial masks on Halloween, but that’s OK. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a cloth mask into your costume. After all, wearing one on Halloween isn’t anything new, just the reason for wearing one this year is. Instead of doing it solely for ...

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Halloween Costume Ideas with WIGS

Some people find costume wigs to be too itchy, difficult to keep on straight, or hot. But hear us out, because when it comes to Halloween, there’s no better way to nail your costume’s accuracy — and to have some fun — than by wearing faux hair. For those who ...

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How to Copy Black Widow’s Hairstyles For Halloween This Year

Anytime a film or television show’s release gets as much hype as Marvel’s Black Widow did this year, you can almost guarantee that a few of the characters will inspire a slew of Halloween costumes. Fighting crime may not come to you as easily as it does Scarlett Johansson and her costars in the movie, ...

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