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Pennywise Makeup Tutorials For Halloween Costume

‘Tis the season to be spooky, and soon enough, costumes will be at the forefront of your to-do list, and even more so for many Halloween and beauty enthusiasts.

Whether you’re more of a body-art enthusiast or a committed lover of seasonally appropriate glam, you have to admit, Halloween has always been a premiere source when it comes to providing beauty inspiration. So while you probably have numerous inspirations to pull from, allow us to add one more to your roster: Pennywise the Clown.

“It” has cemented itself as one of the downright scariest movies of all time, so it only makes sense that Pennywise gets some play time on the spookiest day of the year. Whether you’re looking for a hyperrealistic or more glam interpretation of the clown, the following terrifying re-creations will satisfy all of your creepy costume needs.


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Read on to watch the best tutorials we could find and learn how to easily transform into the living nightmare come Oct. 31, but be warned: the intros to the tutorials are just as creepy as the movie itself.

Simple Glam Pennywise Makeup

Lex from Made Yew Look is always serving up some of the most creative and often creepiest looks on YouTube. Her interpretation of Pennywise was painstakingly drawn including the detailed teeth. She finished off with some bright green contacts for a terrifying but impressive look.

Glam Pennywise Makeup

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If you never thought Pennywise could get glittery and glam, think again. Mykie from Glam and Gore made it happen, and it’s both stunning and terrifying. Mykie uses lash glue to apply the glitter all over her face and then glues rhinestones for added glam. If you want to really show off this Halloween, get yourself some of the terrifying teeth she used.

Medium-Level Pennywise Makeup

Easy Pennywise Makeup

Prince De Guzman has both an easy and scary tutorial on his channel to suit all of your Halloween costume needs. This tutorial focuses on the iconic hair, costume, and simple makeup techniques.


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Easy Pennywise Makeup

Rhiannon Claire shows us how to transform into Pennywise if you don’t all want to go all out with wigs and teeth on Halloween. The end result is surprisingly glam with a smoky eye and ombre lip but still gives an element of creepy.

Abstract Pennywise Makeup

If you want to go a little abstract with your Pennywise costume, Jordan Hanz has you covered. The SFX makeup artist chose to put a twist on the character by adding blood, dramatic teeth, and a different hairdo.

Special-Effects Pennywise Makeup

Prince De Guzman takes Pennywise makeup and gives it the special-effects treatment. Not only do they transform completely into a highly menacing version of the clown, but they also add an iron pole “through” the eye socket to up the creepy factor.

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