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15 Fantastical Tim Burton Makeup Tutorials You Need For Halloween

From Edward Scissorhands’s exaggerated sad-eye makeup and his characteristic hand blades to Winona Ryder’s iconic spiked bangs and messy updo in “Beetlejuice,” Tim Burton’s timeless movies have been outstanding Halloween beauty inspiration for decades. His films’ magical, creepy, and endearing characters are synonymous with misunderstood yet well-meaning social outcasts — and all feature Burton’s signature Gothic flair and unique facial features.

Though many of his titular characters have a few stylistic and narrative similarities — namely in their often large, expressive eyes and underdog status — there is much Halloween inspiration to draw from in the beauty realm when it comes to Burton’s films. “Corpse Bride” provides a macabre twist to traditional wedding costumes, while re-creating Sally’s makeup and wardrobe from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is an opportunity to be more colorful and expressive, given her multitoned dress and bright red hair. If you’re looking for something even more out of the box, there is no shortage of outlandish characters to choose from in Burton’s adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland.”


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If you’re at a loss as to how to re-create some of Burton’s makeup looks, no need to panic. We’ve put together 15 incredible Halloween makeup tutorials that span the gamut of Burton’s filmography and make the best guide for how to approach the classic looks of his most famous characters. So, as you binge-watch Burton’s films this October, make sure to add time to your schedule to view these tutorials to transform yourself into your favorite movie’s iconic lead.

Tim Burton Makeup Ideas: “Corpse Bride” Makeup

There are many ways to approach Emily’s distinctive makeup look from “Corpse Bride,” with her blue skin and large mournful eyes. Rather than paint the large white circles on their face to act as eyes, this creator took a bit of a glam spin on their makeup by exaggerating the whites of their eyes and bringing them downward. The colored contacts add a creepy-cool touch.

Tim Burton Makeup Ideas: Jack Skellington Makeup

Sally is another easily recognizable Burton character you can re-create by painting distinctive eyes directly onto your face. This creator, though, took a more glam approach to the look, relying on water-activated face paint to capture Sally’s sickly pallor while using bright glitters and pigmented shadows for the eyes. Overall, this is what Sally would look like if she dabbled in drag makeup.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Edward Scissorhands Makeup

Glam meets gloom in this Edward Scissorhands makeup tutorial. This video offers some fresh new makeup techniques that could be useful for other looks. The creator’s novel approach to blocking out their brows through the use of lace glue is particularly helpful in case you’ve ever struggled to cover yours up. Plus the resulting look complete with liquid-latex scars is just too cool.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Oogie Boogie Makeup

If “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is your favorite movie but you’re looking to re-create a more out-of-the-box character, Oogie Boogie is a great choice to opt for. This Halloween makeup tutorial relies heavily on liquid latex to add dimension to the look and capture Oogie’s distinctive burlap texture. The video is easy to follow, so beginners to SFX makeup should have no concerns about tackling this heinous villain.


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Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Lydia Deetz Makeup

We know her best now for her portrayal of Joyce Byers in “Stranger Things,” but Winona Ryder was making waves in the horror industry long before joining the Hopkins crew. Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice” is one of Ryder’s most famous roles and makes for a quick and easy costume with this short tutorial. The makeup itself is fast and messy, with contouring techniques on how to capture Ryder’s gaunt complexion and haunted eyes. The video also includes advice on how to nail her iconic red bridal gown, in case you need any help in the costume department.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Beetlejuice Makeup

Moving on to the titular villain himself, this is a Beetlejuice makeup tutorial. Complete with a demonstration on how to master this monster’s mossy and matted monstrosity of hair through the use of glued and dyed wig wefts, this video is both comprehensive and easy to follow.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Miss Argentina Makeup

Give it up for one of the most well-known dead social workers to ever grace the big screen: Miss Argentina. With her bright red hair and vibrant green skin in “Beetlejuice,” Miss Argentina is one of Burton’s characters you could re-create if you’re in the mood for a look that is both vibrant and macabre (she is dead, after all). This tutorial has great tips for achieving the stark red lip that’s so characteristic of Miss Argentina.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: The Mad Hatter Makeup

This Burton makeup tutorial does the Mad Hatter justice with its wild colors and bold use of sparkles. Rather than opting for an exact re-creation, the makeup artist shows us a more personalized yet no less zany interpretation, which goes to show how much fun you can truly have with any of these characters. Complete with fake eyebrows and enough glitter to put a disco ball’s shine to shame, this creator’s look is fun and easy to follow.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: The Red Queen Makeup

Re-creating a look from yet another “Alice in Wonderland” character, this tutorial teaches you how to tackle the Red Queen’s grandiose appearance. With this quick four-minute video, you’ll be able to capture the queen’s characteristic stark blue eyeshadow and her sharp little eyebrows. Just don’t let the power of her appearance get to your head (or you might lose it).

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Weird Girl Makeup

Weird is a pretty apt descriptor for most of Burton’s eclectic film personas, but this “Frankenweenie” character might just surpass the rest for this adjective — after all, everyone calls her Weird Girl. This makeup tutorial for the uncanny classmate of Victor Frankenstein follows a more cartoonish route than some of the previous videos. The makeup artist here draws out Weird Girl’s large eyes directly on their face.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Catwoman Makeup

Catwoman gets the drag makeover of our dreams in this take on the masked feline from Burton’s film “Batman Returns.” This catwoman how-to shows you the ins and outs of achieving dramatic stage makeup for a character as recognizable as Selina Kyle. Complete with tips for shaping your brows and exaggerating your lips, this Burton makeup tutorial will help you look equal parts catty and classy for Halloween.

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: Violet Beauregarde Makeup

Tim Burton Makeup Idea: “Mars Attacks!” Martian Girl Makeup

For a more obscure yet no less iconic character, opt for Miss Peregrine from Burton’s film adaptation of “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.” This Burton makeup tutorial will have you looking as ethereal and mildly intimidating as the bird woman herself. This video also includes pointers on how to use body paint for the upper half of her costume, which may prove helpful if you’re just looking to have a quick Instagram-worthy photo shoot rather than donning a full costume.

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