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Well Known Fashion Bloggers

Fashion world is attracting every age of women. But younger fashion bloggers are blogging now days. The age limit does not matter as it is proved by the number of visitors; they have on their blogs on daily basis. 

Trophy club near Dallas, one fashion blogger of Texas has opened her personal page which is known as “Sea of Shoes”. Jane Aldrige was quite younger when she started blog. She was only of 16 when she blog about part fashion, wish list, part shopping and style dairy. Jane Aldrige is that young lady. 

Her style doesn’t understand by her most of friends is the complaint from her side and they feel embrace to be with her while going out. Her mother was once a model and initiated her fashion business in Tokyo. One cannot say that Jane is an ordinary girl of Texas. 

Catwalks possess seems to be outfits which were actually worthy for her. She would make proud to many young girls to have them. As said by her, Jane has love with shoes which is collected by her and set on the shelves like small winnings. The era of personal blogs of style and fashion has created a buzz of internet as the “Sea of shoes” which has 70.000 daily visitors. 

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Another famous blogger in fashion blogs is Tavi Gevision. Similarly like Jane, she has also get the full attention of teens among various fashion magazines 

Tavi’s blog name is style rookie. She started at 13. The interest of Tavi makes her to start it. Many designers found great things on her blog 

The fashion world revolves around clothing and accessories. Many young fashion bloggers are throwing the idea for teenagers about fashion. Even you self can create own blog. Learn how to build a blog. 

The most important thing is to wear ordinary things with style. Make the best choice which fits on you and looks beautiful.


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