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Why Sclera Halloween Contacts?

If you are planning for having an extreme Halloween this year; bear it in mind that nothing can beat the significance of crazy sclera circle lenses. Accessorizing yourself as per the requirements of your Halloween costume may take your performance a level ahead. Creepy skeletons, devouring vampire fangs, blood and mesh along with giant masks etc though play an important role in your overall appearance; without crazy sclera circle lenses you are definitely missing the most exciting part of Halloween!


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Crazy sclera circle lenses are made from a new breakthrough technology of hydrogel material that ensures the maximum oxygen permeability and let your eyes breathe. These crazy sclera circle lenses by phantasee are 100% safe since they boast ISO certification. The material used is soft and does not impede the vision.

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Crazy sclera circle lenses are fully round in shape with a maximum diameter of 22mm. They are opaque and completely mask your original color. Only pupil is kept transparent to help you see through. Unfortunately; they arenot available in powers yet. Therefore crazy sclera circle lenses are only for cosmetic or theatrical purposes. Crazy sclera circle lenses are available in several wild patterns and design. You can bewilder others with even total black out sclera lenses or white-out sclera circle lenses. On the other hand there are also mini sclera circle lenses with 17mm diameter which do not cover all of the eye; but the major portion.

We provide crazy sclera circle lenses of all types in unmatchable prices. The exciting designs, vivid color contrasts and brightness make it certain for you to achieve a magnificent and striking appearance. Unlike ordinary big eye circle lenses; wearing crazy sclera circle lenses need prior experience and some tactics. You should endeavor with sclera circle lenses only if you are experienced. Otherwise get crazy circle lenses to achieve a similar crazy effect or browse through the variety of Halloween circle lenses to choose a new favorite.

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