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Black Full Eyes Sclera Contacts (PAIR)

Black Full Eyes Sclera Contacts (PAIR)

Just Non Prescription and best for 3 Months use, thanks! Before wear these special contact lenses, please click...
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Awesome lenses! 4
By Kirstin Rainey on
At first I didn't trust buying these, because there were no reviews, and this site isn't very popular, but I'm happy that I bought from this site! The lenses came in about two weeks, and the random contacts I got when I checked the box were blue. Those were nice. Okay, so at first these were a bit hard to put in, but I got one in, and sort of got the gist of it, and just popped the next one in. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone that doesn't like having things in or around their eyeballs, (Obviously) or people who aren't used to big lenses. These are BIG. You can sort of feel them in your eye when you first put them in, but once you blink a bunch, you sort of get used to it. They dry out quicker than normal lenses, so I'd suggest carrying eye drops around if you're planning on going to a con or something in them. Overall great product and I'm glad I shopped here! :3 Thank you so much!
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